Take your transformation plan to another dimension

A tranformation model showing Reference Model elements (top), As-is state (middle left), To-be state (middle right) with series of projects (bottom) that will deliver the target state.

The state we're in

Business transformation is a continuous process. Getting from As-is to To-be states is a journey of interim steps, each of which impacts other aspects of business. But the tools used to plan and manage transformation often don't reflect this complexity: they are disconnected from enterprise data and can't represent changing states. The result is that transformation decisions are often based on information that is not grounded in reality, adding uncertainty and risk into change programs.

Data is king, time is of the essence

Wouldn't it be good if...

  • your transformation plan was populated and updated from your Source-of-Truth systems.
  • you could always find what is impacted by a transformation element, even if its not in the current view.
  • instead of manually scheduling your transfromation plan, it was able to resolve itself automatically based on your instructions on estimates and dependencies.
  • you could view every interim step of a transformation, at any date.
  • you could get an instant timeline view of the scheduled elements of your transformation model.

BusinessGraph allows your organization to plan and manage continuous transformation in the full context of your business just like this.

BusinessGraph makes this possible through:

  • Repository: A massively scalable database that stores information, interrelationships and dependencies between all enterprise and business environment elements.
  • Integration: Keep context data updated from Source of Truth systems like ServiceNow and SAP.
  • Schema: A fully customizable representation of each influencing factor in planning.
  • Industry Reference Model: Support for best practice blueprints for your industry type, allowing alignment and common understanding of your organization and it's activities.
  • As-is and To-be Data: Your organizations business and technical elements, in the context of a reference model.
  • Views: Customizable, linked, standard views of your interrelated data, on demand.
  • Worksets: Planning models incorporating existing and new information based on aspects of your schema, versionable, shareable.
  • Time Dimension: The ability to easily set up dates on model data and to view the interim state of any model or view based on these dates.
  • Instant Timelines: see any model as a timeline chart with contents grouped by type

What Next?

Contact Firekart to learn more about BusinessGraph or see a live demonstration with a real person.